High School

At Our School, we truly believe in taking education beyond classrooms.

Pannai Mariveni Global School has a modern approach for addressing the needs of students of the high school level. The school implements to the best practices in teaching from various schools across the globe.

The curriculum option available now is CBSE. Students can choose the curriculum of their choice depending upon their individual requirements and aspirations.

High School programs in Sports, Art, Music, Dance, Value education and Leadership camp activities focus on developing the required skills in different areas which will mould them into capable, caring, confident and committed individuals who can make their own choices for the future and excel in the chosen field.

Our school’s curriculum is recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Its primary objective is to provide a solid and unshakeable foundation in the core subject areas of science, mathematics, social science, language and environmental studies. We is not limited to textbook learning alone – instead our experiential curriculum provides hands-on learning, teaches macro concepts, encourages free expression and develops creative and critical thinking faculties.

We also use cutting-edge technological aids as an integral part of the classroom experience. Pannai Mariveni Global School curriculum is hence multifaceted, and includes an array of enrichment programs.

As per the board guidelines, the prime focus of our curriculum is on innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centered paradigms. Our teachers regularly update their pedagogical skills attending service training programs and workshops.

Grades VIII, IX and X follow the NCERT/CBSE curriculum. High school forms the very foundation on which further education and careers are mapped out. Hence, our programs, courses and resources are devoted to helping our students achieve academic excellence, compete and perform to the best of their ability, plan their futures and connect to the world in meaningful ways.