Life Skills

At Our School, we truly believe in taking education beyond classrooms.
A determined effort is made to provide an innovative, compassionate and dignified environment, transforming each student into righteous human beings, proud Indians and highly successful global citizens.

From kindergarten onwards, students are motivated to appreciate and value the unique qualities of their schoolmates, teachers, families and communities at large. Subjects are thoughtfully graded and diligently integrated so as to better reinforce the associations between the lessons learned. Classroom material is customized to the developmental needs of children of all age groups.

Children are equipped with various tools to be able to master tough academic challenges including languages, math, social studies, literature and science. Moreover, our worldwide focus gears students to tackle bigger challenges beyond the curriculum.

Environmental Sensitivity

In the current urban scenario, children are unaware of the relationship between humans and nature. Electronic gadgets, ultramodern homes, buildings, vehicles and technology, have taken them away from nature.

Harvest believes that the schools are the powerful tools to make children aware of their responsibilities in the preservation of our ecology and environment. Agriculture, planting trees and taking care of them will be a part of their regular learning process. The school will also conduct camps, programmes related to the issues of environmental sensitivity, sustainability, ecology, pollution, global warming, climatic change, greenhouse effect, wild life preservation etc.,

The need of the day is to make children realize the importance of their co-existence with nature and their role in its preservation. Children will also be taught civic sense and their rights and responsibilities with respect to our environment.

Field Trips

Harvest believes in experiential learning. Educational visits, field trips, outdoor activities and camps give ample opportunity for the children to learn in a natural environment.

Students will also be taken to different industries, manufacturing units, research labs, hospitals etc to have the first-hand experience of the careers that they can think of. Students are also taken for overnight trips and camps.

Social Awareness

Children are made aware of the truth of life arranging visits to the following places.

  • Visits to the orphanage
  • Visits to the old-age home
  • Visit to a medical camp
  • Understanding Agriculture
  • How to make a difference – Panel Discussion

This helps the child to understand the importance of the resources that he has received and how to use them correctly. It also helps service mindedness and concern towards the needy.

Competitive Edge

Harvest encourages healthy competition and prepares students to face the real world. Interclass, Interschool competitions are arranged by the school on regular basis.

Students are exposed to competitive examinations like ASSET, NSTSE, National and International OLYMPIAD Examinations, Spell Bee, Check Point of Cambridge International Examinations.