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Pannai Groups gets British Council’s International School Award

Pannai School is a proud recipient of the British Council ISA-International School Award, which is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools…



Pannai Mariveni School has a Counselling cell that aims at providing help to the students in the school. It works with the students by providing them with a safe space to express themselves and have their problems resolved.
We at Pannai work in close collaboration with the teachers and parents to ensure that the students consistently get all-round support. Our counsellor works one-on-one with each student by designing an individual-specific model that provides a resolution/strategy for the concerns faced by a student. The strategies developed for each student is then shared with the teachers and parents so that the same strategies can be used in the classroom and at home. We believe that through a collaborative effort between the teachers, parents and the counsellor the student will get the support required.
The Counselling cell also aims at imparting knowledge to parents and teachers alike by conducting workshops on student-centred topics. It helps in providing students, teachers and parents with an opportunity to gain insights and help students overcome any challenges that they may be facing.